Finally there are available new updated guidebooks for the Gudbrandsdalsleden - The Scandinavian Camino - in four languages!

After the reopening of the St.Olaw Ways late in the 1990s, there has been a growing demand for pilgrim guides. Several have been published but they are now all outdated as there are constantly changes taking place with regards to the path and places for accommodation. Now we have four new updated guidebooks, in German, Norwegian and English (which all are for sale at the Pilgrim Centre of Oslo), and also a guidebook in Dutch!

GERMAN: Engler, Hanna. 2018. Norwegen: Olavsweg. Outdoor. Conrad Stein Verlag. 256 s. KR 200,00 (To order from Germany, press here).

GERMAN: Weyer, Helfried og Renate. 2018. Olavsweg: Pilgern in Norwegen. terra PilgerReiseführer. Steinfurt: Tecklenborg. 208 s. KR 200,00 (To order from the authors/Germany, press here.)

NORWEGIAN: Voll, Bjørn Ivar A. og Gilbert, Ellen Rykkja. 2015. Pilegrimsleden. Fra Oslo til Trondheim – en praktisk guide til vandringen. Kolofon forlag. 228 s. KR 349,00 (To order from the authors, press here.)

ENGLISH: Raju, Alison. 2015. The Pilgrim Road to Trondheim. Oslo to Nidaros Cathedral. Trondheim: Museumsforlaget. 279 s. KR 290,00 (To order from the publishers, press here.)

All three are available at the Pilgrim Centre of Oslo - all come with our recommendation! We do not send books, please order books directly from the authors/publishers (see links above) for having them sent directly to you!

The new Dutch guidebook is not available at the Pilgrim Centre of Oslo (to order from the publisher, press here): Warmerdam, Ria. 2015. Het Olavspad. 192 s.

SPANISH: Ossenbach, Ana. 2014. El camino de San Olav (unpublished) - can be downloaded here as pdf (please press to download) or as epub (please press to download).